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Please read this page to ensure your getting the best use out of your Epson Pro 9800 printer in terms both of results and reliability.

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How to Unblock your Epson 9800
Lyson / Marrutt ICC Profiles
RCS Installation
Inaccurate Colour / Printer Settings
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How to Unblock your Wide format Printer Head

Video Description

If your wide format printer nozzle check shows interruptions in the same place each time, it is likely that either paper dust or some foreign material has found it’s way underneath your print head, and has combined with your inkjet ink to form a hard area of dried ink, which is refusing to be shifted. John demonstrates how to clean the underside of your printer’s print head using Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid. You will need a J Cloth Pad, Scissors, Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid. Purchase Below:

Purchase Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid

Includes 60ml bottle of Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaning Fluid, Syringe, Tube, Gloves, Complete and individual Purge Files for all Printers / colours, Printed Instructions & Printer Maintenance DVD

Further Wide format Cleaning videos:

General wide format fault-finding Cleaning your wiper blade, capping station & spit pad

Marrutt / Lyson ICC Profiles:


Lyson ICC Profiles

For PC users: To download these profiles you will require Winzip. Go to http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm to download this software.
For Mac users: For MAC OSX 10.3 or later, there is a bulit in utility that opens these zip files. For earlier Mac operating systems, you will require StuffIt Expander! CLICK HERE to download this software.
For profile help and support, CLICK HERE
Click your paper type to download your profile...

Marrutt 265gsm Pro Photo Satin
Marrutt 265gsm Pro Photo Gloss
Marrutt 170gsm Pro Photo Matt
Marrutt 310gsm Standard Fine Art
Marrutt 300gsm Smooth Fine Art
Marrutt 275gsm Silk Fine Art
Epson Premium Glossy
Epson Premium Semi Gloss and Lustre Papers
Epson Fine Art and Archival Matt Papers
Ilford Smooth Gloss
Ilford Smooth Pearl


Supporting Documnetation (PDF Documents Adobe Adobe Acrobat Required)
(Recommended Photoshop and Printer Driver Settings)

Marrutt ICC Profiles

Marrutt Pro Inks are formulated to provide a close match to the original OEM brand inkset, so for normal-basic printing simply use the usual Epson print settings to provide good standard accuracy in colour and black & white with correct print density (plug and play). This is particularly useful when printing from non-Adobe Photoshop applications, which do not support colour management.

For more colour-critical printing, we recommend obtaining a Marrutt Custom Profile. See our Custom Profiling page for further details of this service.

Marrutt Refillable Cartridge System Installation

The installation of the Marrutt Refillable Cartridge System is a very simple process. Please CLICK HERE for the illustrated step-by-step instruction manual (please allow a few seconds to load)

Inaccurate Colour / Printer Settings

First of all, please ensure you have a perfect nozzle check (this is carried out in the utilities section of your Epson printer driver). If you do not have a perfect nozzle check, please refer to the printer head cleaning section of this page. Once you have confirmed you have a perfect nozzle check, ensure you are selecting the correct profile and have the correct printer settings in Adobe Photoshop for that profile. These are:

Source / Working Space: Adobe RGB (1998)

Select correct profile
Intent: Relative Colormetric
Use Black point compensation: checked

Media type:
Gloss, Satin and Semi Gloss Papers = Premium Luster Photo Paper
*Fine Art Papers = Watercolor Paper Radiant White
Matt Papers = Archival Matt Paper
Print Resolution:
PC = Quality (level 4)
Mac = SuperFine 1440dpi
High Speed: On

Color Management:
Select "Color Controls"
Gloss, Satin and Semi Gloss Papers = Color Controls selected. Mode: “Epson Standard sRGB”, Gamma: “2.2” (B,C,S,C,Y,M all set to "0")
*Fine Art and Matt Papers = Off (No color adjustment)

For professional photographers and critical enthusiasts, it may be best to commission one custom ICC printer profile for your favourite inkjet media to guarantee best possible colour accuracy and image quality. See our Custom Profiling page for further details of this service

Further Help

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your Epson 9800 printer, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


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