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Marrutt Presentation Boxes

Add value and a touch of class with Marutt 6x4 and 5x7 Presentation Boxes

Stylish heavy duty boxes with a matte black finish inside and out and a raised lid.

For Archival Storage for Prints & Image Files     |     Finished Job Presentation     |     Work Porfolio     |     Craft Boxes     |     Gift Boxes

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Marrutt Presentation Boxes:

LOOK THE PART - ADD VALUE Deliver finished projects or gifts in a modern, contemporary manner that can be easily branded. Your photos will also look more professional safely stored in these stylish presentation boxes.

ROBUST BOXES - PROTECT YOUR PRINTS These heavy-duty card, hand-finished boxes provide ample protection for your most treasured prints.

SAFE STORAGE, SAFE TRANSPORT These air-tight and robust boxes provide safe, archival storage and even environmental isolation. Ideal for transporting your printed images from one room to another or one country to another! Simply over-wrap in bubble-wrap, affix address label and you are ready to ship!

BOX DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY Box Dimensions and Capacity:
6" x 4" size (L,W,H) = 153 x 102 x 60mm | 6" x 4" boxes can hold up to 200 Prints
5" x 7" size (L,W,H) = 178 x 127 x 60mm | 5" x 7" boxes can hold up to 200 prints

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