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From image capture to your final print, it is important to retain quality throughout.

See our three most popular articles for 2018, which will help you do just that!

ARTICLE 1) Inkjet Printing With Genuine Pixels
Is your camera over 12 megapixels? If so, you could be following 20 year advice!

Discover how to correctly size up your image to use the genuine Pixels that your camera has captured.

Click below for the complete video course along with all resources and updated spreadsheet.
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ARTICLE 2) Top 10 Printing Mistakes for 2018
From capture to print, there are many areas of photographic inkjet printing where image quality can be lost.

Almost every photographer is happy to invest in a quality DSLR ensuring the captured image is of a high standard - The big challenge is to maintain this high quality from capture through to print.
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ARTICLE 3) 10 Smartphone Tips for Serious Photographers
When a DSLR is not to hand, we now carry a surprisingly powerful camera around with us around the clock, but we must learn to handle this improving technology as a serious photographic tool.

With the following tips and tricks, you should be able to stretch the capabilities of your smartphone simply, and at little or no cost...
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