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About Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Inks - Pigment


Ink LogoMarrutt Pro Photo Pigment Inkset

Image performance and longevity fully tested and approved - many of the world’s finest commercial photographers make use of the Marrutt Pro Photo pigment ink every day, producing great work in colour and monochrome while making excellent savings.

Exceptional Printing Quality and Reliability

Ink DropletFine ground pigments allow you to produce excellent gloss and lustre prints with minimal sheen differential (bronzing), and three dedicated monochrome channels enable you to produce stunning neutral monochromes of excellent smooth graduation with negligible metamerism. When custom profiled, this inkset represents a marked improvement on the standard OEM inkset performance in both colour and monochrome.

Huge Cost Savings

When used with the Marrutt Refillable Cartridge System, users experience over 80% saving on ink costs when compared with using OEM cartridges. These bulk inks are available in 250ml and 500ml bottles. For Prices, see your printer link below...

Features and Benefits of the Marrutt Pro Photo Pigment Inkset

  • High Intensity Colours: Produces a colour gamut equivalent to that produced by the OEM ink product.
  • High Black Density: Produces deep rich blacks on a wide variety of inkjet papers. Images have "punch" and good contrast.
  • Shaded Grey Inks Produces more neutral greys: Makes profiling easier, and enables the "Advanced B/W" printer mode to be used.
  • Superior Gloss Control: All shades of tone from highlight to shadows have the same gloss level. This reduces the "matting down" of black areas seen with cheaper formulations. The Marrutt Photographic Inkjet bulk inkset produces a more even finish on high gloss and satin papers.
  • Full Profile Support Available: Basic level printing is plug and play, plus free custom profiles fro your favourite Marrutt Inkjet Papers.
  • Impressive Longevity: Certified 75 year longevity with excellent image stability and durability.

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