Marrutt Dye-based Inkjet Inks for Epson Printers
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Ink DropletAbout Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Inks - Dye-based

Marrutt Pro Dye Based Inkset

For a large range of Epson and Canon Photo Printers we supply two types of dye based ink, Lyson Fotonic XG and Marrutt Photo Dye.
Both have the advantage of huge cost savings compared to the Genuine Epson Ink so, which should you choose ...

Which Inkset Should You Choose: Lyson Fotonic XG or Marrutt Photo Dye?

Firstly, both inksets use the same refillable cartridges. Both inksets are dye-based and produce superb colour performance with excellent black & white appearance.

Ink LogoChoose the Lyson Fotonic XG inkset if you need long-lasting prints (indoor display life of 25 - 30 years).
For this printer, the Lyson Fotonic XG is usually the choice of the professional photographer and still provides a saving up to 70% on ink costs compared with using OEM inks.

The popular dye-based Lyson Fotonic XG Inkset provides a good colour match to Epson “claria” inks (also dye-based) and exhibits vivid colours, good rich blacks and a superb high gloss.

Ink Logo Those that are happy with the same fade resistance as traditional dye ink (2-5 years under normal display conditions), the Marrutt Photo Dye Inkset is the one for you.

Far less expensive than the Lyson inkset and saving up to 90% on ink costs compared with using OEM inks, the Marrutt Inkset for this printer is optimized for colour printing to enhance the colour range and produce high gloss prints with exceptional vibrancy.

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