Marrutt Cut To Order Service - Inkjet Paper Sizes Explained
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Marrutt Cut To Order Service & Paper Sizes Explained

Free Custom Paper Cutting

We cut your Marrutt Inkjet Papers to any size you wish at no extra charge…

Paper Cutting LogoEver wondered why sheet photo inkjet papers are usually only available in A4 - A3 - A3+ and A2 while our traditional preferred photographic sizes bear no resemblance at all to these formats? - Quite simply, economics: Paper Mills around the world aim to utilise the maximum saleable paper from their manufactured stock, and it suits them to adopt the A series cutting sizes.

Photographers, Laboratories, Studios and their clients however, still use the traditional photographic sizes - look at the majority of ready-made photo frames, albums etc: Production photo inkjet printing often requires a particular size of paper, whether a preferred photographic, or custom designated format.

Marrutt uniquely have in-house precision digital guillotines, which can convert your choice of A4, A3, A3+ or A2 paper down to any size or combination of sizes you wish, to an accuracy of 1/10th of a millimetre, perfectly square and true. We make no charge for this service, you only pay for the original Marrutt Inkjet Paper stock, your required size is cut out and re-packed back into your paper box with the remainders, so that your paper edges remain crisp and undamaged.

How to get a custom paper size ...

ANY Paper Size You Need, Try Us ...

Easy, Fast, No Obligation To Purchase

Marrutt Cut To Order Service - 3 Steps:
1) See below to find your favourite Marrutt inkjet Paper(s)
2) Once on the page, scroll down to the new "CUT TO ORDER SERVICE" tab
3) Fill out the simple form - done!

Once The Form is Submitted:
You will receive an email within one hour containing the link to purchase your specified paper with product details and price
Your product will remain online for convenient future purchases
You are under no obligation to purchase

From 3.5" x 3.5" to A2 - An Infinite Number of Sizes!

Click on your Paper ...
265gsm Pro
Photo Satin
265gsm Pro
Photo Gloss
285gsm Traditional
300gsm Pearl
High White
230gsm Archival
Matt DS
230gsm Archival
Matt SS
300gsm Smooth
Fine Art
300gsm Standard
Fine Art
250gsm Smooth
Lustre DS
380gsm Glossy


Inches (w x h)
Millimetres (w x h)
Centimetres (w x h)
4.1 x 5.8
105 x 148
11 x 15
5.8 x 8.3
148 x 210
15 x 21
8.25 x 11.7
210 x 297
21 x 30
11.69 x 16.5
297 x 420
30 x 42
13 x 19
329 x 483
33 x 48
16.5 x 23.4
420 x 594
42 x 59
23.5 x 33
594 x 841
59 x 84
33 x 47
841 x 1189
84 x 119

Roll Format Sizes and Available Finishes

Marrutt roll format papers come in six widths (see below for sizes).

All Marrutt Fine Art and Pearl rolls are 12 metres long, the Marrutt Gloss and Satin rolls are 30 metres long (13" rolls are 14m long).

13inch/33cm/330mm Wide
For A3+ printers e.g. Epson SC-P600

Available in Gloss, Satin and Canvas finishes
17inch/43.2cm/432mm Wide
For A2 printers and above e.g. Epson 4900

Available in various Gloss, Canvas, Satin and Fine Art finishes
24inch/61cm/610mm Wide
For A1 printers and above e.g. Epson 7900

Available in Gloss, Canvas, Satin, Matt and various Fine Art finishes
36inch/91.4cm/914mm Wide
For 36" printers and above

Available in Matt and various Fine Art finishes
 44inch/112cm/1120mm Wide
For 44" printers and above e.g. Epson 9900

Available in Matt and various Fine Art finishes

For a more detailed overview of the Marrutt Roll Format papers, please click here