Inkjet Cleaning Products
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Inkjet Cleaning Products

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Magic Bullet Cleaning Fluid   -   Platen Cleaner - For Printer Rollers   -   Isopropanol Cleaning Fluid

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Magic Bullet Printer Cleaning Fluid

This video demonstrates how to unblock a blocked printer head. A blocked printer head is when Ink dries on a print head, usually with a mixture of ink and paper dust. Do not run multiple cleans as this in fact makes it worse, as even more ink dries out and wastes ink!, You will need a small flat-bladed screwdriver, Cotton buds, Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid. Purchase Below:

Purchase Magic Bullet Maintenance Fluid below
Includes 60ml or 250ml bottle of Magic Bullet Print Head Cleaning Fluid, Syringe, Tube, Gloves, Complete and individual Purge Files for all Printers / colours, Printed Instructions & Printer Maintenance DVD with 13 instructional videos.

platen cleaner

Platen Cleaner - For Printer Rollers

Desktop and wide-format inkjet printers occasionally need their platen (paper feed) rollers cleaning, to remove any build-up of dried ink or paper fibres. We advise you to use this spray applied to a sheet of paper to create an inkjet cleaning sheet, which will maintain your inkjet roller friction, and maintain good paper feed characteristics.

Step-by-step instructions included

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to its contents, we are unable to ship this product outside of the UK.


Isopropanol Cleaning Fluid

250ml aerosol A safe alcohol based solvent, as used by inkjet printer technicians, to dissolve dried ink deposits on the printer head. Suitable for dye-based and pigment-based inksets.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to its contents, we are unable to ship this product outside of the UK.

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